Monday, October 30, 2006

Another Day in Paradise

My good friend The King, in association with Ripper Production Co. present this short film about killing people. Andy's stache is going to have more from Ripper Productions, hopefully including some of my own work. Check it out.

State of the 'Stache

Anyone who regularly reads andy's mustache (assuming said person actually exists) has noticed a woeful lack of posting on my behalf over the past week. There are two reasons that the stache is slowing down.

First, I hate sports.

Actually, that is not totally true. I still enjoy watching games, following storylines, and analyzing what's going on in the sports world. What I hate is being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Like I explained in my last post, I can barely watch the Eagles anymore. What used to be the highlight of my week is now an incredible chore. The most frustrating part is that it seems like I (and most Philly fans) care more about winning than the actual team does. It also seems like I (and most Philly fans) could put together a better game plan and get the team to play smarter than this coach.

Andy has totally lost the Eagles. They are not a good football team and they have little chance of sneaking into the playoffs. The Birds sucking ass every weekend along with my obsessive, undying love for the team is really taking a toll on my mental health.

Oh and by the way, this has been going on for 23 straight years. I just can't take the losing anymore. It's taking the fun out sports. The Flyers and Sixers are not going to offer any reprieve, as they very likely might lose 100 games combined this winter. That leaves us with the Sads, the losingest franchise in the history of pro sports, as our next hope at winning anything. I guess I should just keep my asshole open until spring then so I can get fucked again then.

Second, I have been working a bit more and don't really feel like scouring the Internet all day for interesting bits of info. So expect the posts to be a bit more music-oriented and more sporadic.

Plus, I want to focus on some more of my own writing. I am going to start posting some of my short stories, sketches, and hopefully some more short films in the space. The next post is a start, enjoy.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Eagles Butcher Game, Probably Season

I don't think I can watch the 2006 Eagles anymore.

I am just not going to survive this season. At this rate I am all but guarenteed a massive heart attack by Week 10.

The Birds pissed away their third winnable loss of the year yesterday, coming up with some new and interesting ways to lose while also showcasing the same flaws that cost them the Saints and Giants game.

The old standbys, clock management and prevent defense, again reared their ugly heads yesterday. At the end of the first half, Andy Reid inexplicably called a play that had LJ Smith catch the ball at the 2-yard line with nine seconds left and the Birds out of timeouts. Then, Donovan McNabb inexplicably threw to Smith, who was easily tackled causing time to run out and leaving David Akers stranded on the sidelines praticing his karate moves.

(Note: This exact same situation, on nearly the exact same play, happened two years ago. I think LJ even caught the pass that time. Way to learn from your mistakes, Andy.)

The Eagles also decided to play their '10-yard cushion prevent defense' on the Bucs final drive, easily allowing Tampa's incompotent passing game to move into range for the miracle field goal that would end the game. The one time the Eagles blitzed, a terrified Bruce Gradkowski tossed an ugly incompletion. Then the Birds rushed three guys the rest of the drive to prevent themselves from winning the game.

Besides those errors, The Eagles busted out some new flaws in order to lose to a truly bad Bucs team. Despite outgaining Tampa 506-196, the Birds turned the ball over four times, spotting Tampa two touchdowns in the process on interception returns. McNabb also had a case of the Super Bowl flu. Apparently, he is unable to play in hot weather without blowing chunks of Mama McNabb's cooking all over the field, even though he trains in the offseason in the warmth of Phoenix.

Here's the bottom line: The Eagles are not a good football team. Good football teams do not find ways to lose. Good football teams do not turn 7-0 starts into 4-3 starts. Good football teams do not take moronic penalties and constantly play sloppy on special teams. Good football teams to not make clock management blunders and waste timeouts every single freaking week.

I am sure Andy is going to come out for the press conference tomorow, clear his throat seven times, says this loss is his responsbility and he need to work on some things, then not answer any questions. I am so sick of his act. He has done absolutely nothing to change the flaws that plague this team. Its the same song and dance on the field, then in the press conference every week. FIX IT ANDY. And fix it fast, cause this ship is sinking.

For Your Live Listening (Dis)pleasure

This week features more big-time concerts in the Philadelphia area than any week in recent memory. Here's a rundown of some of the highlights:
  • Beck (Monday at the Tower)- Puppet Beck and his puppet band alone are worth the price of admission.
  • The Killers (Monday at the Factory)- Anyone taking their sound in a Springsteenesque direction is alright with me.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers (Monday and Tuesday at Wachovia)- Death, drugs, lineup changes, and copyright infringments be damned; nothing can stop RHCP.
  • Paul Simon (Tuesday at the Tower)- You can call him Al.
  • Amos Lee (Wednesday at the TLA)- Philly's finest singer/songwriter at one of Philly's most fun venues.
  • Insane Clown Posse (Wednesday at the Factory)- ICP was originally a hardcore rap group called Inner City Posse, but after being visited by the 'Carnival Spirit' they transformed into angry clown rappers. OK.
  • Death Cab for Cutie with Ted Leo (Thursday at the Tower)- Death Cab is good, Ted Leo is awesome.
  • Alice in Chains (Thursday at the Factory)- It's time to give it up, or at least change your name.
  • The Rolling Stones (Friday at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City)- The industry's biggest money-making machine rolls into A.C. for the first time.
  • Dresden Dolls (Saturday at the TLA)- German cabret rock at its best.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Borat's Behind the Scenes Magic

The above video shows Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) making a hillarious appearance on Conan O'Brien promoting the new Borat movie.

As a huge fan of Da Ali G Show, I always wondered how Cohen tricked these important people to be interviewed by Ali G or Borat. This interesting article, How I was Duped By Ali G, offers some answers.


The fat, bald man holding a football above may look like your everyday Joe. Don't be fooled. Joe Cahn is a god amongst us mere mortals; a king amongst us peasants.

Joe Cahn is living the American Dream, one bratwurst at a time.

Cahn is the world's first professional tailgaiter, driving around the country in a winnebago to spread his tailgaiting expertise to stadiums across the country. Cahn's sponsors, Stanley Thermos company and the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, help to make tailgaiting his full-time occupation.

In his travels over the past 11 years, Cahn has been to over 400 tailgate parties at all 31 NFL stadiums and 114 college venues. According to his website, Monaco spends his 'offseasons' going to Mardi Gras, concerts, and fishing expeditions.

Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to officially christen Joe Cahn as THE Man. This dude tailgates for a living! He has sponsors, who pay him to tailgate! Let me rephrase that, in bold. They pay him to tailgate! I am completely blown away.

Joe Cahn, you are my hero and a hero to all us lazy, rib-eating, beer-drinking, party-loving Americans everywhere. Thank you Joe for giving us all something to aspire for. Godspeed.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Hold Steady Rock It

If you have ever heard of The Hold Steady, you either love 'em or you hate 'em. I fall into the former category. The Hold Steady can really play some serious rock and/or roll.

Anyway, their new album, Boys and Girls in America, came out a couple weeks ago and Vagrant is streaming the whole work, which is pretty sweet. Enjoy it if you so choose.

The above video shows the band tearing up Brooklyn with the album's opener, Stuck Between Stations. It also shows that their keyboardist has a killer Dali 'stache.

Cause of Death: The Sads

More evidence that rooting for the Sads can actually kill you: a funeral product company is now making coffins featuring MLB logos.

The AP article reminds us that sports is a matter of life and death:

"Many crazed baseball fans have said they would die for a championship. But are they willing to take that devotion to the grave?"

Hey, now! I love my Philly squads as much as any of my cheeseteak-eating bretheren, but I'm not quite sure that I want the everlasting image of my remains to be a Sads logo with a picture of Steve Jeltz emblazoned across my coffin.

Ken Hitchcock is a Bad, Bad Dude

Last night in Buffalo, Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock let what little confidence Robert Esche had left be absolutely ravished by the Sabres. Hitch spitefully kept Esche in net for the entire 9-1 feeding frenzy and our hockey correspondent, Habitual Line Crosser, has figured out why.

HLC dug up this pregame piece from The Deleware News Journal, where Mr. Esche had some choice words for his coach:

Asked Monday about coach Ken Hitchcock's decision to start him against the Sabres, Esche said, "I don't try getting in his head, that's for sure. It's an empty place."

Hitchcock grew red-faced when told of Esche's comment, and could only come back with the reply, "Tit for tat."

I wonder what Esche had to say nine goals later? Damn Hitchcock is evil.

Here's some more on the ass kicking and its aftermath as three Flyers get cut.

Now I'm no hockey guru, but Habitual Line Crosser tells me that when you just suffered one of the worst losses in franchise history, your just cut a line worth of players, and your head coach is going out of his way to spite his someone on his own squad, that's not usually a good thing.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Uncle Charlie's New Pals

The Philadelphia Sads (as they are known around these parts) made some October news yesterday. Obviously it was not from playing, since the Sads have not been on a baseball diamond in October since 1993.

The Sads hired three former big-league managers as their new third base, first base, and bench coaches (Inquirer link). So now the first time Uncle Charlie blows a double-switch he will have not one, but three capable replacements staring directly over his shoulder. Better order him a few more cases of Depends once the season starts.

Also, Randy Miller says the Sads are looking to target Alfonso Soriano or Gary Sheffield, although Soriano is most likely too pricey.

Killer Buds

Canadian soilders fighting in Afghanistan have found themselves in a sticky situation.

Apparently, marijuana is causing a major problem for our friends north of the border. It's not that that the Taliban's dank nugs have gotten the Canucks from too stoned to do anything. Rather, the actual marijuana plants are the problem. Check out the very entertaining CNN story.

The lesson as always: drugs are bad, mkay.

Pete Townshend, Water Aficionado

To start, let's make something clear. Pete Townshend is the man. The Who are one of my top-20 bands ever, they have put out some pantheon-level albums, and they really kick ass live.

But despite being the man, Pete Townshend is a bit quirky. He's British, he rarely leaves his tour bus, and apparently he really likes water and oil. Here's Townshend's interesting response to the question 'How has the Internet impacted the music industry' from his Pitchfork interview which he, um, takes in a different direction to say the least.

"Only slightly. It has not delivered all of its promise. Yes, we can get our music to our audience, but as yet we have not persuaded them to pay the way they do when they come see us play live. Turning something into low resolution data does seem to make it worth less in the modern world. Some girl I know told me that all cars could be run on water, only the man who invented the process was "assassinated" by the petrochemical people. Water is more precious than oil. Both are more precious than music. Music won't heat a house or help a plant to grow."

Amen, Pete. Amen.

Rich Franklin Gets Destroyed

Here's the video for the Rich Franklin-Anderson Silva middleweight title bout from UFC 64. Silva won the belt, pummelling Franklin with vicious knees to the face from the clinch. This video doesn't show it, but after the fight Franklin's broken nose was literally hanging off the side of his face.

Something about Franklin just looked weird in this fight. He looked pale, not as jacked as usual and had this spacey look in his eye. He definitely did not want to be there; almost as if he knew Silva was going to obliterate him. Maybe it was just his injuries or his long layoff or maybe there is more to the story. I guess we'll have to wait for the rematch to find out.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Birds Blow the Big Easy

The Eagles forgot to show up for the first half and ultimately lost to New Orleans yesterday 27-24. (Daily News game story)

Despite continuing their season-long trend of only playing for one half, the Birds should have pulled this one out, taking a 24-17 lead in the fourth on a Reggie Brown touchdown run.

However, the Eagles mistakes were the story of the afternoon and ultimately doomed them. Late in the game, Michael Lewis' asinine blown coverage on Joe Horn, which resulted in a touchdown, and a 12-men on the field penalty on third down during the winning drive gave the Saints the victory. Lewis has given up huge, game-changing plays every week now and Sean Considine could replace him starting at strong safety.

Earlier in the game, Ryan Moats' boneheaded special teams play and a few more key dropped passes let New Orleans get off to a fast start. Also, Andy's butchering of his timeouts in both halves and his playcalling helped the Eagles lose this very winnable game.

In a related story, I will be in a bad mood until next Sunday.

Jerry Rice Continues to Amaze

Apparently, Jerry Rice is not very good on the radio.

Here's my favorite piece of wisdom (refering to Michael Vick): "If I was his coach I would let Michael be Michael. I would also try to get him to change the way he plays the position. "

Rice should really stick with what he knows best, like kicking serious ass on Pros vs. Joes and Dancing with the Stars.

Pass the Hawaiian Punch, Please

Our friends over at live nation have provided andy's stache with a copy of the rider for a certain fat, black comedienne who played in philadelphia this weekend. gotta withhold the name for privacy purposes, but here's what this lovely lady (who is actually pretty funny) requires at her shows:
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Lunchmeat platter
  • Fruit platter
  • Vegetable platter
  • Fried chicken wings
  • Bread white/rye
  • Mints/gum
  • Water, cranberry juice, orange juice
  • Hawaiian Punch, Sunkist orange and grape soda
  • 2 bottles of Asti Spumante
  • Mustard, mayo, sharp cheese and all other condiments
  • 4 candles, no floral fragrance

I think she pretty much touched on all the african american food stereotypes in the book. insert your own racist joke here.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


this intruiging piece of investigative journalism comes from my buddy bartels, a diehard mets fan disgruntled over the fact that his boys quest for the NL pennant is being completely overshadowed by yankees news in new york.

now, normally i wouldn't have any sympathy for the mets or their fans, but anything anti-yankees is alright with me. plus he might accuse me of being responsible for 9/11 if i don't post this. enjoy.

Since purchasing the Yankees, George Steinbrenner has used his manipulative and irrational persona to transform the Yankees into baseball's foremost dictatorship/terrorist sports organization. He has used many different methods to keep the Yankees the topic of conversation around the sports world and in NY papers. Yesterday's tragic incident has been the result of the Evil Empire's latest jihad against the New York Mets for NY fans hearts. Here's a timetable of the last few days events:

Saturday 6pm – Yankees lose and are eliminated from ALDS, choke once again in playoffs
Saturday 12am – Mets win and clinch NLDS series, tides are turning on town
Sunday papers – Yanks blow up on cover, writers talk about loss and who to blame
Sunday 8am – Realizing he is losing the hearts of the city, Boss realizes he must act quickly
Sunday 10am – Leaks information to Daily News that he will fire Joe Torre tomorrow
Monday papers– Joe Torre story on covers, many experts discuss the ordeal
Monday 11am – Boss meets w/ his Brain Trust (Kim Jong Il, Brian Cashman, Osama Bin Laden, Urn w Babe Ruth\'s Ashes, Donald Trump, Reggie Jackson, Sgt. Slaughter, Mike Francessa, and Puck from Real World)
Monday 2pm – Makes announcement that Torre will stay but no word on A-Rod yet
Tuesday papers– A-Rod on cover and the discussion turns to if he will stay or be traded, and Jeters role in the decision
Tuesday 3pm – The Boss holds another press conference announcing A-Fraud isn't going anywhere
Wednesday papers – Mets finally get some press 3 days after sweeping NLDS with their game scheduled for Wed night. NY Daily News also runs huge wrap around cover of Mets painting over Yankees logo titled "ITS OUR TOWN"
Wednesday 7am– Boss calls emergency meeting with Brain Trust, says he needs a way to keep the Mets out of the spotlight for the rest of postseason and Evil Empire is now operating in Code Red.
Wednesday 12pm – Kim Jong Il comes up with the idea of a Kamikaze suicide bombing by one of the players into Shea Stadium during the Mets playoff game. They rework the plan to look like an accident in order to gain sympathy and now just need a candidate, Cashman nominates Corey Lidle and lists why:

  • Cashman never wanted him in Abreu trade but he was thrown in there like that unwanted side of coleslaw you get w/ a good NY Deli Sandwich
  • Criticized Torre on Sunday for not preparing the team (or the caviar in their pregame spread) properly
  • Loss in Game 4 makes him an easy scapegoat rather than all the billionaire bums of "Murderers Row Plus Cano" who didn't hit
  • Just became pilot and owns his own plane making it so easy that Wiley Coyote could pull it off
  • Argued with Cashman about his flying hobby and its safety, and when you fuck with the Bull……..
  • Eligible to be free agent in off season (while A-Rod still has some trade value to any non-playoff team)
  • Played as a replacement player during MLB strike, angering the greedy bastards on strike
  • Double dipped his tortilla chip in clubhouse guacamole while cleaning out his locker on Tuesday which infuriated the Assistant to the Traveling Secretary, Mr Costanza

Wednesday 2:45pm - Cory Lidle and his co-pilot both died when a plane he was piloting crashed into the 50-story Bellaire Condo building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Four of the buildings residents were also slightly injured in the accident, they were identified as Phillip Banks, Vivian Banks, Carlton Banks, and the Fresh Prince.


  1. Fall 1973 – Steinbrenner buys Yankees / the Arab - Israeli War occurs
  2. 1982 – 1994 Yankees Postseason Drought / Al Queada's formative years
  3. Fall 1996 – Yankees new dynasty begins w World Series win / Bin Laden begins alliance w Taliban
  4. Spring 1997 – Steinbrenner appears on Seinfeld / Al Queada begins distributing terrorist propaganda
  5. Fall 2000 – Steinbrenner strikes a blow with subway series win / USS Cole Bombing occurs
  6. 2001 – Mets GM Steve Phillips signs Mo Vaughn, Roger Cedeno, & Roberto Alomar / WTC Attacks
  7. Fall 2006 – Steinbrenner launches campaign to stop Operation Sports Page Freedom after playoff loss

westbrook practices, t.o. whines

brian westbrook practiced yesterday for the first time since week 2. this an encouraging development, especially considering the reports that westbrook was going to get his knee scoped after the dallas game and be shut down through the bye week. westbrook is still listed as questionable for sunday, depending on the amount of swelling in the knee over the next few days.

donte stallworth and rod hood did not practice and both appear unlikely to play against new orleans. (inquirer link)

terrell owens has made his weekly foray into national news, with a 45-minute rant after dallas' practice yesterday. the diatribe was full of contradictory owens-isms. one minute he raves that he's not unhappy and the next he talks about how frustrating the season has been. he then rambled on for 15 minutes about the best way to plant tomatoes in a garden.

ok, i might have made that last part up, but it is so nice not to have to deal with this loon firsthand in philadelphia anymore. (ap story)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

more woes for a-rod

unconfirmed reports out of new york indicate that alex rodriguez will be charged with second-degree manslaughter in the death of teammate corey lidle. lidle was killed wednesday when his plane crashed into a manhanttan high-rise.

the charges facing rodriguez seem to be based on crimes of omission.

"if that stupid metrosexual had done anything during the tigers series, the yanks would still be playing and this tragedy never would have occurred," new york city police commisioner raymond w. kelly said.

rodriguez, seemingly still busy on his postseason shopping spree, offered no comment.

(what, too soon?)

seriously though, r.i.p. corey lidle.

the world's most dangerous retired man

jenna jameson's boyfriend tito ortiz defeated ken shamrock last night (free on spike tv), ground and pounding shamrock into oblivion with a series of elbows and strikes in the first round. the fight was an exact replica of ortiz-shamrock II, albeit a few minutes longer. (mmafighting link)

after the match 'the world's most dangerous man' officially announced his retirement. the 42- year old shamrock has not won a fight since june 2004 and was well past his prime.

although he hung around too long, i'll always remember shamrock fondly. he has one of the best nicknames ever and plus he's legitimately insane. that bit in the wwf he used to do where he would get disqualified for refusing to release the ankle lock after he won the match was one of my favorites, although i never understood how you could get dq'ed after you already won. for pure comdedy value, shamrock will always be a winner in my book.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

for your radio listening pleasure

the only fm radio station worth listening to in philadelphia, 88.5 wxpn, is at it again with another highly enjoyable countdown. this year, 'xpn is counting the greatest artists of all-time. they are currently playing one song from each artist and as the countdown gets deeper more songs per artist are featured.

the best part about xpn's countdowns is the incredible diversity. unlike the annual memorial day countdowns of the '500 most ridiculously overplayed classic rock songs of all time' (in a shocking finish free bird and stairway to heaven grab the top two spots!), you'll hear all kinds of crazy music coming from this countdown.

the greatest song and greatest album countdown that were featured in the past two years allowed me to discover quite a few songs and bands to add to the musical repitoire. so far this year we've already heard artists ranging from wu-tang clan to luciano pavorotti and from dick dale to def leppard. no one from my list has made an appearance yet though.

here's the stream if you wish to have a listen.

say it aint so, allen

'Everyone in Joe Champs American Sports Bar knew where Allen Iverson was sitting - second floor, first row, in front of the big-screen television on the left - to watch the Eagles-Dallas game. That's because every time the Cowboys did something good, Iverson (gasp!) stood up, turned around to face his teammates, coaches and 76ers staff, and cheered.

"I grew up a Cowboys fan. . . Everybody in my house was a Cowboys fan. So that's really all I knew as a kid was the Cowboys. Now to be in Philadelphia for the last 10 years and be around so many of the Eagles, you can't help but like those guys, too."' (inquirer link)

Please tell me its not true, Allen. Tell me you were misquoted, or your comments were taken out of context, or the media is out to get you. Go on another practice rant or go fire your handgun off outside of a stripclub with Steven Jackson. Anything but this, Allen.

best fight song ever

my buddy grimes unearthed this heartfelt rendition of the four sqeezins playing the eagles fight song.

this is absolute musical brillance and the e-a-g-l-e-s at the end is priceless. enjoy.

Monday, October 09, 2006

did i miss the five o'clock free crack giveaway?

"don't spend all your time freebasing cocaine- that's going to make your tour a lot shorter."

this gem of advice comes from everyone's former favorite bandleader, trey anastasio, in this month's rolling stone. (here's the link, you need to download the pdf to get the article)

apparently, trey just recently discovered this wisdom after spending his last year on tour with phish freebasing cocaine, forgetting chords and lyrics, and just generally sucking ass.

he does however compare tool to phish and endorse tool as his pick to headline bonaroo '07. he also mentions maynard as part of his dream band. as a jam music fan as well as a tremedous tool fan, kudos on the connection trey. and stick to the maryjane, ok?

for your live listening (dis)pleasure

here's a list of some good, and not some not so good, concerts in the fine city of philadelphia this week:

  • jenny lewis with the watson twins (tuesday at the tla)- rilo kiley's fearless leader does her thing solo
  • trey anastasio (wednesday at the factory)- i heard trey is taking crack rocks in lieu of money to get into the show
  • joan jett with eagles of death metal and valient thorr (thursday at the tla)- if i had a death metal band, i'd definitely name it 'eagles of death metal'. or maybe 'the lolipops.'
  • gwar (friday the 13th at the factory)-"the group performs in bizarre costumes made of latex and papier-mache, and their stage show features fake pagan rituals, corpses spewing washable bodily fluids on the audience, and sometimes a mechanical giant maggot." (from allmusic). so yea, gwar pretty much rules
  • average white band (saturday at the tla)- pick up the pieces is a sick, sick tune.

t.o. a no-show in philly

thanks to some stellar contributions from donovan mcnabb, lito sheppard, and jim johnson, the eagles came up with a huge win over dallas (sucks) yesterday. the victory put the birds a game and a half up on the giants in the nfc east with a date at 4-1 new orleans on sunday.

the above photo was taken during one of the rare instances during the game when terrell owens was not crying, moaning, groaning, or posing on the sidelines. owens' final line went something like this: three catches, two drops, 14 hissy-fits, and zero impact on the game. the most noise 'the player' made was during his post game press conference when he not-so-subtly-but-never-explicitly threw drew bledsoe under the bus with his series of "you saw the game" quotes. granted, bledsoe is less mobile than david blaine frozen in a block of ice, but 'the player' needs to realize that maybe attacking every quarterback he has ever played with is not the best way to win ballgames. then again, he probably doesn't care. the moral of the story is, i hate t.o.

someone who actually does care about winning was on fire again yesterday, as the man known as 5 played his fifth straight sick game. it doesn't mean all that much, but mcnabb is on pace to throw for 5100-plus yards and 35 touchdowns with a 107.2 passer rating through five games. more importantly, donnie mac continues to make game-changing plays when his team needs them most. after the birds came out flat in the first-half last week, mcnabb made a couple huge runs that sparked the birds to rout green bay. against dallas (sucks), 5 broke a tie ballgame with one of the best deep throws i've ever seen (off his back foot somehow?!) to hit hank baskett in stride for an 87-yard TD, giving the birds a 31-24 fourth-quarter lead.

the eagles then proceeded to give me four simultaneous heart attacks with micheal lewis' inexplicable coverage breakdown/pass interference on 4 and 18. luckily, drew bledsoe stinks.

one more note, the defensive line played out of their minds yet again. trent cole is an absolute animal, he picked up his league-leading 6th sack. darren howard was the best player on the field for the majority of the game, notching two of the birds' seven sacks.

despite the disturbing lack of focus (again) at the end of the game, all-in-all a great win for the birds. they seemed stay relatively healthy as well. saints on sunday, i'll keep a watch on the injury report (especially with regards to westbrook) during the week.

inquirer game story: birds 38 cowboys 24

fond memories

just testing how to put youtube videos on here. this was the best day ever. real posts to follow...

a little starchy, bitchy?

this is a picture of bitchy being antiqued by an identified assiliant at bonaroo this summer. this is also me testing out how to make a beautiful blog.

here's my myspace if you need to further waste some time.