Thursday, October 12, 2006

westbrook practices, t.o. whines

brian westbrook practiced yesterday for the first time since week 2. this an encouraging development, especially considering the reports that westbrook was going to get his knee scoped after the dallas game and be shut down through the bye week. westbrook is still listed as questionable for sunday, depending on the amount of swelling in the knee over the next few days.

donte stallworth and rod hood did not practice and both appear unlikely to play against new orleans. (inquirer link)

terrell owens has made his weekly foray into national news, with a 45-minute rant after dallas' practice yesterday. the diatribe was full of contradictory owens-isms. one minute he raves that he's not unhappy and the next he talks about how frustrating the season has been. he then rambled on for 15 minutes about the best way to plant tomatoes in a garden.

ok, i might have made that last part up, but it is so nice not to have to deal with this loon firsthand in philadelphia anymore. (ap story)


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