Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pete Townshend, Water Aficionado

To start, let's make something clear. Pete Townshend is the man. The Who are one of my top-20 bands ever, they have put out some pantheon-level albums, and they really kick ass live.

But despite being the man, Pete Townshend is a bit quirky. He's British, he rarely leaves his tour bus, and apparently he really likes water and oil. Here's Townshend's interesting response to the question 'How has the Internet impacted the music industry' from his Pitchfork interview which he, um, takes in a different direction to say the least.

"Only slightly. It has not delivered all of its promise. Yes, we can get our music to our audience, but as yet we have not persuaded them to pay the way they do when they come see us play live. Turning something into low resolution data does seem to make it worth less in the modern world. Some girl I know told me that all cars could be run on water, only the man who invented the process was "assassinated" by the petrochemical people. Water is more precious than oil. Both are more precious than music. Music won't heat a house or help a plant to grow."

Amen, Pete. Amen.


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