Tuesday, October 10, 2006

for your radio listening pleasure

the only fm radio station worth listening to in philadelphia, 88.5 wxpn, is at it again with another highly enjoyable countdown. this year, 'xpn is counting the greatest artists of all-time. they are currently playing one song from each artist and as the countdown gets deeper more songs per artist are featured.

the best part about xpn's countdowns is the incredible diversity. unlike the annual memorial day countdowns of the '500 most ridiculously overplayed classic rock songs of all time' (in a shocking finish free bird and stairway to heaven grab the top two spots!), you'll hear all kinds of crazy music coming from this countdown.

the greatest song and greatest album countdown that were featured in the past two years allowed me to discover quite a few songs and bands to add to the musical repitoire. so far this year we've already heard artists ranging from wu-tang clan to luciano pavorotti and from dick dale to def leppard. no one from my list has made an appearance yet though.

here's the stream if you wish to have a listen.


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