Monday, October 09, 2006

did i miss the five o'clock free crack giveaway?

"don't spend all your time freebasing cocaine- that's going to make your tour a lot shorter."

this gem of advice comes from everyone's former favorite bandleader, trey anastasio, in this month's rolling stone. (here's the link, you need to download the pdf to get the article)

apparently, trey just recently discovered this wisdom after spending his last year on tour with phish freebasing cocaine, forgetting chords and lyrics, and just generally sucking ass.

he does however compare tool to phish and endorse tool as his pick to headline bonaroo '07. he also mentions maynard as part of his dream band. as a jam music fan as well as a tremedous tool fan, kudos on the connection trey. and stick to the maryjane, ok?


Blogger sitsonchair said...

When I was a kid we use to tell the kid at the pool who would always show the top part of his butt off on accident that CRACK KILLS

10:53 PM  

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