Monday, October 16, 2006

Birds Blow the Big Easy

The Eagles forgot to show up for the first half and ultimately lost to New Orleans yesterday 27-24. (Daily News game story)

Despite continuing their season-long trend of only playing for one half, the Birds should have pulled this one out, taking a 24-17 lead in the fourth on a Reggie Brown touchdown run.

However, the Eagles mistakes were the story of the afternoon and ultimately doomed them. Late in the game, Michael Lewis' asinine blown coverage on Joe Horn, which resulted in a touchdown, and a 12-men on the field penalty on third down during the winning drive gave the Saints the victory. Lewis has given up huge, game-changing plays every week now and Sean Considine could replace him starting at strong safety.

Earlier in the game, Ryan Moats' boneheaded special teams play and a few more key dropped passes let New Orleans get off to a fast start. Also, Andy's butchering of his timeouts in both halves and his playcalling helped the Eagles lose this very winnable game.

In a related story, I will be in a bad mood until next Sunday.


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