Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Stache's Top 10 Shows of 2006

Andy's mustache is in the mood to wax nostalgic, and can think of no better way than to bust out some top 10 lists.
I went to about 30 concerts last year and worked at about another 30, so I have a pretty large selection to choose from. I am not including anything I saw at Bonaroo or moe.down, cause that would just start to confuse me even more. Without further ado, here's my list:
10. Sufjan Stevens (Town Hall, NYC, Oct. 1): This was definitely the quietest concert I attented last year, as Sufjan and butterfly-winged orchestra elegantly rocked this intimate venue. Highlights included Chicago and a fabulous new song called Snowbird.
9. moe. (Starland Ballroom, Sayersville, Oct. 20): I saw moe. eight times this year and this show really stood out. I went with a great crew, the venue (basically a bar with a small stage) was awesome and even though Al didn't play they rest of the boys were still on. Timmy Tucker and Meat highlighted a stellar second set and the Can't You Hear Me Knocking encore was a lot of fun.
8. Disco Biscuits/New Deal (Jam on the River Day 1, Great Plaza, Philly, May 27): Can't ask for a much better Memorial Day than listening to some awesome tunes overlooking the Delaware on a gorgeous summer night with great friends. The New Deal really got the crowd going and the Biscuits didn't disappoint. The Run Like Hell>Great Abyss>Caterpillar that closed the set was one of the best jams I heard all year. Bonus points for this being a festival since that meant less biscuit-wookies in the crowd making me want to punch them.
7. moe. (Festival Pier, Philly, June 9): My favorite moe. show of the year, excluding the excellence at moe.down. This parking lot, er, venue sucks but we got right up front enjoyed the amazing half hour Plane Crash to close the second set. Too fucking high! I think I did more dancing during that song than at any other show all year.
6. My Morning Jacket (Electric Factory, Philly, Dec. 1) I might have this slighlty overrated cause it is the most recent, but in the words of Wesley Willis this was a rock and roll joyride. They played every mmj song I wanted to hear (One Big Holiday, Lay Low, The Way That he Sings, Dancefloors, Mageteeh, Run Thru) and put on a great visual show in a packed Factory.
5. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Irvine Plaza, NYC, Dec 31) I had a very indie New Year's by ringing in 2006 with these guys. My favorite memory of this show is at midnight when a bunch of balloons were supposed to fall but the net suspended above the audience didn't break correctly and nothing happened. This brave soul got up and someone's hands, made an awesome leap, and tore down the net, thus saving 2006 and prompting CYHSY to rip into an awesome jam. Thank you kind sir.
4. Tool (Tower Theater, Upper Darby, May 18): Stood in the front row (directly in front bassist Justin and a huge speaker) for this mind-blowing performance and got slap hands with drummer Danny Carey after the show. Right in Two was the unexpected highlight for me as I really came to appreciate this new song hearing it live. THIS SHOW WAS LOUD. I really couldnt hear for a few days afterwards, but it was worth it.
3. Tool (Tweeter Center, Camden, September 28): I did not stand anywhere near the front row for this one, but overall it was a better show. The setlist was the same, except for the huge addition of Wings/10,000 Days, my favorite Tool song. Also the lasers at the Tweeter indoors were really cool and just about all my friends were there enjoying the show. From the parking lot to the afterparty, this was a great day the whole way through.
2. Radiohead (Tower Theater, Upper Darby, May 2): Seeing Radiohead play this awesome at a venue this small was a once in a lifetime experience. Paranoid Android, The Bends, Everything in its Right Place, Blackstar, Let Down, and Idioteque highlighted an amazing night of Radiohead. The new songs, especially Bodysnatchers, were pretty sick as well.
1. Roger Waters (Tweeter Center, Camden, September 14): Three months have gone by and I still can not adequately describe in words how amazing this experience was. Jumbled fragments are all I can come up with: visually stunning, musically perfect. Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety. The pig. The spaceman. The crazy hand. Shine On, Wish You Were Here, and Set the Controls. Best. show. ever. My expectations were so incredibly high and they were exceeded.
So looking back, 2006 was a real good year for concerts, hopefully 007 will be just as much fun.


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