Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Uncle Charlie's New Pals

The Philadelphia Sads (as they are known around these parts) made some October news yesterday. Obviously it was not from playing, since the Sads have not been on a baseball diamond in October since 1993.

The Sads hired three former big-league managers as their new third base, first base, and bench coaches (Inquirer link). So now the first time Uncle Charlie blows a double-switch he will have not one, but three capable replacements staring directly over his shoulder. Better order him a few more cases of Depends once the season starts.

Also, Randy Miller says the Sads are looking to target Alfonso Soriano or Gary Sheffield, although Soriano is most likely too pricey.


Anonymous Art's A Dirty Ole' Fart said...

Art Howe is a bum, the only reason he ever looked good was because he was Billy Beane's puppet in his Moneyball regime. All he did while managing his last team (Mets) was stand there silently with his arms crossed and watch for 160 games.

11:36 AM  

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