Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ken Hitchcock is a Bad, Bad Dude

Last night in Buffalo, Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock let what little confidence Robert Esche had left be absolutely ravished by the Sabres. Hitch spitefully kept Esche in net for the entire 9-1 feeding frenzy and our hockey correspondent, Habitual Line Crosser, has figured out why.

HLC dug up this pregame piece from The Deleware News Journal, where Mr. Esche had some choice words for his coach:

Asked Monday about coach Ken Hitchcock's decision to start him against the Sabres, Esche said, "I don't try getting in his head, that's for sure. It's an empty place."

Hitchcock grew red-faced when told of Esche's comment, and could only come back with the reply, "Tit for tat."

I wonder what Esche had to say nine goals later? Damn Hitchcock is evil.

Here's some more on the ass kicking and its aftermath as three Flyers get cut.

Now I'm no hockey guru, but Habitual Line Crosser tells me that when you just suffered one of the worst losses in franchise history, your just cut a line worth of players, and your head coach is going out of his way to spite his someone on his own squad, that's not usually a good thing.


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