Monday, October 09, 2006

for your live listening (dis)pleasure

here's a list of some good, and not some not so good, concerts in the fine city of philadelphia this week:

  • jenny lewis with the watson twins (tuesday at the tla)- rilo kiley's fearless leader does her thing solo
  • trey anastasio (wednesday at the factory)- i heard trey is taking crack rocks in lieu of money to get into the show
  • joan jett with eagles of death metal and valient thorr (thursday at the tla)- if i had a death metal band, i'd definitely name it 'eagles of death metal'. or maybe 'the lolipops.'
  • gwar (friday the 13th at the factory)-"the group performs in bizarre costumes made of latex and papier-mache, and their stage show features fake pagan rituals, corpses spewing washable bodily fluids on the audience, and sometimes a mechanical giant maggot." (from allmusic). so yea, gwar pretty much rules
  • average white band (saturday at the tla)- pick up the pieces is a sick, sick tune.


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