Sunday, October 22, 2006

Eagles Butcher Game, Probably Season

I don't think I can watch the 2006 Eagles anymore.

I am just not going to survive this season. At this rate I am all but guarenteed a massive heart attack by Week 10.

The Birds pissed away their third winnable loss of the year yesterday, coming up with some new and interesting ways to lose while also showcasing the same flaws that cost them the Saints and Giants game.

The old standbys, clock management and prevent defense, again reared their ugly heads yesterday. At the end of the first half, Andy Reid inexplicably called a play that had LJ Smith catch the ball at the 2-yard line with nine seconds left and the Birds out of timeouts. Then, Donovan McNabb inexplicably threw to Smith, who was easily tackled causing time to run out and leaving David Akers stranded on the sidelines praticing his karate moves.

(Note: This exact same situation, on nearly the exact same play, happened two years ago. I think LJ even caught the pass that time. Way to learn from your mistakes, Andy.)

The Eagles also decided to play their '10-yard cushion prevent defense' on the Bucs final drive, easily allowing Tampa's incompotent passing game to move into range for the miracle field goal that would end the game. The one time the Eagles blitzed, a terrified Bruce Gradkowski tossed an ugly incompletion. Then the Birds rushed three guys the rest of the drive to prevent themselves from winning the game.

Besides those errors, The Eagles busted out some new flaws in order to lose to a truly bad Bucs team. Despite outgaining Tampa 506-196, the Birds turned the ball over four times, spotting Tampa two touchdowns in the process on interception returns. McNabb also had a case of the Super Bowl flu. Apparently, he is unable to play in hot weather without blowing chunks of Mama McNabb's cooking all over the field, even though he trains in the offseason in the warmth of Phoenix.

Here's the bottom line: The Eagles are not a good football team. Good football teams do not find ways to lose. Good football teams do not turn 7-0 starts into 4-3 starts. Good football teams do not take moronic penalties and constantly play sloppy on special teams. Good football teams to not make clock management blunders and waste timeouts every single freaking week.

I am sure Andy is going to come out for the press conference tomorow, clear his throat seven times, says this loss is his responsbility and he need to work on some things, then not answer any questions. I am so sick of his act. He has done absolutely nothing to change the flaws that plague this team. Its the same song and dance on the field, then in the press conference every week. FIX IT ANDY. And fix it fast, cause this ship is sinking.


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